Conference Photography

Every conference that your business hosts has a specific purpose or message to deliver.

No doubt your business will create an article – a blog post, press release, promo email – that helps spread the message.

Great conference photography helps you deliver this message. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

We can offer conference photography across London, as well as most of the South East. However, if you have a conference further afield, we will work to accommodate any travel required.

Photologica is experienced in photographing small meetings through to multi-day conferences. All of our event photos are appropriate for a range of uses; from internal memos to digital PR and advertising.

Photologica appreciates that all business events are unique, and that every event takes a large amount of planning and preparation.

This is why we like to tailor every quote to your individual needs – if you get in touch with us, you can expect us to do all of the following:

  • Fully understand your requirements, using a detailed engagement process.
  • Provide a clear and transparent quote – no hidden charges, no complex invoices.
  • Give you our undivided attention by not booking back-to-back events.
  • Arrive at your conference prepared with a full arsenal of professional equipment.
  • Arrive at your venue early to explore the space and understand who the key people are.

Types of Photos We Provide

Close Ups of Speakers

One of the most sought after photos from any conference – the keynote speaker. As this is usually the headline image used in any publications, we make sure to capture multiple angles for every speaker.

Our long lenses allow us to remain candid and out of the way of the audience. This allows the speaker to deliver their speech uninterrupted.

Menno Schilthuizen Delivering Keynote at London Conference
Daniel Walsh Delivering Keynote at London Corporate Event


Whenever possible, we will get your branding in the shots. Company names, logos, conference titles etc. will be featured in a number of photos.

The Audience

The audience at your conference will also be photographed. These shots not only provide great context for your publications, but your VIPs aren’t always on stage speaking. Also, guests love to see photos of themselves.

Guests Listening to Speaker at London Conference
Speaker In Front of Audience at London Conference

Wider Context

In addition to photos that single out speakers, branding or the audience, we aim to capture all of these together.

These contextual shots shows the wider view of your conference as a whole – this helps to provide a feeling of being at the event for those who didn’t attend.


Conferences typically have an element of networking. We cover the networking section of your event in a documentary style – relaxed and natural shots of your guests which are great for your marketing and for guests to use themselves.

Young Female Guests Standing in Indoor Picnic Area - Corporate Event Photographer London
Brain McBride Being Interviewed on Stage - - Corporate Event Photographer London

Panel Discussions

Interviews or discussion segments of your conference give an opportunity to capture speakers away from the lectern. Further, multiple speakers can be shown at once.

These shots are great for showing a more relaxed side to your conference.

Guest Photos

During your event, many guests will reach a moment where they feel more relaxed and less formal.

We try to capture as many guests as possible laughing and having fun. These shots are excellent in promoting your conference for future years.

London Conference Guests Sat at Table Talking
Land and Property Accepting Award at UKGBC Conference in London

Awards Presentations

If you are handing out awards at your conference, we can capture posed photos of your awardees.

These can range from quick shots on stage, to formal affairs in front of a branded backdrop.

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Conference Photography Locations

Our home-base is London, but we photograph conferences across most of the South East and Midlands.

Click here to see a full list of locations we serve.

Some of our core locations include:









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