Corporate Headshot Photography

Why Should You Update Your Headshot?

A professionally taken business headshot can really set you apart from the competition. Some of the key reasons why you need a corporate headshot include:

  1. It conveys professionalism much more than a selfie, or photo taken on office security’s webcam in a dark back room.
  2. Our professional photographers can help to properly convey your desired personal brand (what you wear, whether you smile or frown etc…)
  3. A striking and memorable corporate headshot will help people connect you to your name when they see you in conferences or on LinkedIn.
  4. An up to date business headshot gives you authenticity and credibility – displaying the same photo you had as an intern is going to surprise people when they meet you for the first time and you are unrecognisable.
  5. It gives you self-confidence – you are going to be much more confident sending emails or LinkedIn requests to people who you have never met.
And all these reasons apply to businesses too – having all of your employees benefiting from an enhanced professional image, and increased self-confidence, can only be a good thing. A corporate headshot for all employees also demonstrates that you really mean business – a company that is coordinated and professional.

Where Can You Use a Headshot?

It isn’t just the corporate directory where you can display your shiny new corporate headshot. A few of the places where you can show it off (and reap the benefits) include:


Corporate Directory

Directory of professional accreditation bodies

Company website

Local business or networking groups

Business cards

Signature line of e-mails and e-mail marketing

Company blog

Company social media


Locations for Headshots

Indoors with Backdrop

A headshot against a white or coloured background.

Outdoors with Natural Backdrop

A headshot using nature or a relevant location as the background.


A headshot within your work environment, giving context to your profession

Corporate Headshot London

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